Pleasant Ridge Doodles

Amazing, Spoiled & Incredibly Loved Dogs


The Spring 2023 puppies will be our last litter of labradoodles.

After more than 6 years of raising some amazing and wonderfully loved puppies we are ready to be done so that we can focus, spoil and enjoy our 5 furry family members: Jupitor, Juno, Griffy, Winnie & Baxter.

We love all of our puppies and everything that goes into producing amazing family members to share with new families, as much as we will miss everything about having puppies we are looking forward to a lot of time and adventures with our fulltime doggos.

Thank you to each and every family that has gotten a puppy from us, thank you for being great dog parents and also for sharing all the pictures and stories of your family members. We appreciate you all so much!

Pleasant Ridge Goats & Doodles is located in Northeast Iowa. We have spoiled dogs, cats and various other furry family members.

In addition to our wonderful Labradoodles and other doggos we also have an assortment of other furry friends, including a small heard of Nigerian Dwarf goats and an assortment of cats.

We have been committed to breeding and raising the best family members possible, and we loved being able to provide families all over the United States with the perfect addition! From our past  litters of puppies we have placed new family members all over Iowa,  Wisconsin, Minnesota,  Connecticut, North Carolina, Colorado, New Orleans, California, Oregon, Las Vegas, and Canada. We fell in love with labradoodles nine years ago after getting Jupitor, we soon added Juno and she caused us to fall even harder with her sweet nature and clown like antics. And we are just Doodle -crazy enough that we added a goofball of a girl named Winnie as well.  Our dogs are part of our family, spoiled and loved beyond measure. The work and dedication needed to raise puppies is absolutely a labor of love for us, all of the time, work and then missing the puppies when they leave us is worth it when we get updates from families that love their Doodle like we do ours!