The Puppies Are Here!

We had a very exciting evening on Saturday, the arrival of Juno & Jupitor’s puppies. We had been guessing there would be 6-7 puppies but were super surprised when she had 10 healthy adorable puppies!  By number 9 I was about in shock telling her there is no way she had room for all of this squirmy little babies. But Juno just smiled and kept loving her babies and produced the final one, a black male before finally taking a nap cuddling all 10 to her. Everyone is doing great, we have 3 black males, 2 cream females, 4 cream males, and 1 apricot male. All of them will be going to see the vet this week to have dewclaws removed and a first check-up. Hopefully Juno will be ok with a short break, so far she has not let them out of her sight except for a run outside to potty and then right back in to them.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)

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