Pleasant Ridge Doodles, formerly Pleasant Ridge Goats & Doodles

2020 was a weird year for all of us. For our family we had to make a hard decision to downsize our hobby farm. We found new homes for all of our goats and as hard as that was we know they all went to amazing new homes. Looking forward we are focusing more on our beloved dogs, Juno is ‘retiring’ from the puppy business and getting spayed so she can enjoy being the spoiled princess she is in our family. She is such an fantastic girl and so loved that we selfishly don’t want to share her with puppies any more. We added a gorgeous CKC female labradoodle named Winnie who has absolutely stolen our hearts and we cannot wait to see how she grows! She has a huge personality and is an incredibly loving girl. We are hoping to have a litter of puppies with her summer 2021 with a tall, sweet labradoodle with amazing color. Jupitor is going to have a break from the puppy making and just get to hang out and run errands and do a little fishing with us, maybe even work on shed hunting. Check out our updated pages and keep watching for more updates! Thank you!

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