We are located in Northeast Iowa on a 6 acre property. We have three loving, goofy, and wonderful Labradoodles, a giant sweetheart yellow lab, Boer goats and Nigerian Dwarf goats. In addition to our goats and Doodles, we also have a pair of Highland calves that are like dealing with  400 lb dogs, a miniature donkey that is a handsome sweet & sassy jack, a miniature horse mare, a miniature donkey Jenny that should have a baby the end of the summer, and  assorted chickens wandering around, as well as the necessary farm cats. Our goats are spoiled and loved on daily and we look forward to adding to our herds as well as providing other homes with great goats and puppies!

Our dogs are family, they live in our home and are loved and spoiled. We plan our puppies so that they can have the attention and care they deserve, with jobs, children and chores we do our best to respond to any questions we receive as quickly as possible. We do apologize if we take longer than expected to respond to an email!