We are located in Northeast Iowa on a 6 acre property. We have three loving, goofy, and wonderful Labradoodles, a giant sweetheart yellow lab,  and a sweet hunting dog named Griff. In addition to our amazing Doodles, we also have a miniature donkey that is a handsome sweet & sassy jack, a miniature horse mare, as well as the necessary farm cats.

Our dogs are family, they live in our home and are loved and spoiled. We plan our puppies so that they can have the attention and care they deserve, with jobs, children and chores we do our best to respond to any questions we receive as quickly as possible.

General information on our puppies:


Jupitor is a 45 lb cream male F1B labradoodle. His mother was a white standard poodle and his father a chocolate F1 labradoodle with some white markings. He has a wool type coat- very poodle like. He has not had any health issues and is a very happy, spoiled and active boy. Jupitor is an incredibly smart and eager to please guy that loves car rides, boat rides and any adventure with his humans. His favorite place to be is sitting next to or on someone’s lap watching tv or going on an adventure in the car. Jupitor often prances around the yard and loves to chase a tennis ball (he even water retrieves when given the opportunity).

Juno is a 55 lb chocolate female F1B labradoodle. Her mother was a chocolate labradoodle and her father a black standard poodle- Juno has a silver factor gene that we have seen in her coat; and a couple of her puppies have changed color as they grow to have a silver coat, (they were  born black with white toes). Juno has a combination hair/wool type coat, less curly than Jupitor but curlier than a typical hair type coat. Juno has not had any health issues, and no concerns at any vet checks. Juno is the clown of our home, she is a smiler who likes to show lots of teeth when we call her pretty or she is bringing us something she found while playing. She is always wagging her tail and looking for some love. She is a very sweet and snuggley girl that loves all of her humans, big and small. Juno is the first dog to sense any sadness or stress in our home and is instantly comforting and close to the person that needs it.

Puppies:  Jupitor and Juno have had 4 litters of puppies, the latest born on January 3, 2021. Their puppies are considered multigenerational labradoodles and have ranged in size from 50-65 lbs. We have their dewclaws removed at our Vets office between 2 -4 days old and at that time they each have their first exam. All of our puppies are born in our home and raised in our home. We handle and love on the puppies a lot, we like to say they come pre-loved to their new homes at 8 weeks because we spend a lot of time with them. We do regular baths and nail trimming as needed during the 8 weeks they are with us. We use a blow dryer on them and also play music, run the vacuum, have adults and children of all ages visit them and introduce them to other animals including other dogs, cats, and our various farm animals. We start to see their individual personalities and know which puppy may be more energetic, which is a quiet observer, who is an explorer, and who just wants cuddles.

We get asked a lot about being put on a ‘wait list’, I know a lot of breeders do this and I understand why from both breeder and family side of things. But I do not like to do a wait list on our puppies, I prefer that we have a chance to know more about each puppy to help the new family find the right fit. We list puppies around 4 weeks old and post to our Facebook page and also on puppyfind.com with our available babies. We have also placed puppies through an online concierge service that has helped us to place puppies all over the United States. The best place for finding updated pictures and video is on our Facebook page. We try to answer emails and messages as quickly as we can, but with puppies, family and work I sometimes take longer than I would like to respond.

Pricing:  This January 2021 litter of puppies will be $950.00 each, we will require a $250.00 deposit upon selecting your puppy. The deposit can be made via paypal, cash, cashiers check, or money order. If there is another way you prefer to make a deposit please email, text or message me and we can discuss that on a case-by-case basis. The balance of $700 is due on pick up/delivery of your puppy. This must be cash if paying that day or we can make arrangements to do paypal/cashiers check ahead of time. I do try and make things as easy as possible for our new families but I also have to make sure we don’t have any issues.