Luna’s Puppies



On August 2nd, 2018 Luna had a beautiful litter of cream puppies. They are rolly-poly, super snuggly and simply adorable!  They were ready to go home to their new families at 8 weeks old on September 27th.   Momma Luna and Daddy Jupiter are both curly labradoodles between 40-45 pounds, both are very smart and love to play. All the puppies have been handled and played with daily by adults and children ranging from 2-16. We also socialize the puppies with cats and visit the barn as they get older so they can meet the goats, donkeys and birds. Puppies change so much their first few weeks of life and Doodles most definitely have a lot of changes through their first year with color and coat. I hope to get pictures of these sweet babies as they grow so we can share their changes.

If you have any questions please contact us.

1-Female- Chosen: North Carolina

2-Female – Chosen: Ryan Family

3-Female – Chosen: Meyer Family

4- Male – Chosen: Gronseth Family

5- Male – Chosen: Conneticut

6- Male – Chosen: Latimer Family