January 2021 Puppies

On January 3rd, 2021 Juno had 9 sweet little puppies. These adorable puppies all went to new homes at 8 weeks!

4 Weeks

4 Weeks

3 Weeks

3 Weeks

Puppy #1 – Girl -CHOSEN

This curly girl loves to be held and likes to boss her siblings around.

Puppy #3 – Girl – CHOSEN

This soft wavy coated girl is more reserved than her sisters, she’d rather snuggle than wrestle.

Puppy #5 – Boy -CHOSEN

This curly chocolate boy is very quiet, he likes to sit and watch everything around him.

Puppy #7 – Boy – CHOSEN

This is one chubby pupper! He likes to sleep at the bottom of the puppy pile where its super snuggly.

Puppy #9 – Boy – CHOSEN!

Puppy #2 – Girl – CHOSEN

This wavy soft coated girl is playful and inquisitive.

Puppy #4 – Boy – CHOSEN

This pretty boy likes to be held and loves when his ‘Aunt Winnie’ plays with him.

Puppy #6 – Boy – RESERVED

This wavy coated boy likes to pounce on his brothers and sleep at the top of the puppy pile. .

Puppy #8 – Boy (Fresh from a bath)

Kevin aka “Spotty Dog” as we call him, he is started on house training and crate training- he is a smart and wonderful boy that we love but know he needs his own family soon. This guy has an awesome soft coat and is easy going for baths and nails.

Puppy #1: Curly Girl – Leman Family

Puppy #2: Wavy Cream Girl (dark nose)- Lindeman Family

Puppy #3: Wavy Cream Girl (brown nose)- CHOSEN

Puppy #4: Carmel Boy – CHOSEN

Puppy #5: Chocolate Boy – Yenser Family

Puppy #6: Carmel Boy – RESERVED

Puppy #7: Chubby Carmel Boy – CHOSEN

Puppy #8: Polar Male – CHOSEN

Puppy #9: Curly Carmel Boy – CHOSEN