January 2021 Puppies

On January 3rd, 2021 Juno had 9 sweet little puppies. Below are the 3 girls and 6 boys, I will update pictures and availability of puppies often on this page. When a puppy is chosen and a deposit is made I will make note of it here. These adorable little babes will be ready for their new homes on February 28th.

*Price is $950.00, we require a deposit of $250.00 and the remaining balance of $700 is due the day you pick up your puppy. (We do offer to meet families within a reasonable distance to save on travel time, just let me know where you are located and we can try and work out a meeting spot. )

4 Weeks

4 Weeks

3 Weeks

3 Weeks

Puppy #1 – Girl -CHOSEN

This curly girl loves to be held and likes to boss her siblings around.

Puppy #3 – Girl – CHOSEN

This soft wavy coated girl is more reserved than her sisters, she’d rather snuggle than wrestle.

Puppy #5 – Boy -CHOSEN

This curly chocolate boy is very quiet, he likes to sit and watch everything around him.

Puppy #7 – Boy – CHOSEN

This is one chubby pupper! He likes to sleep at the bottom of the puppy pile where its super snuggly.

Puppy #9 – Boy – CHOSEN!

Puppy #2 – Girl – CHOSEN

This wavy soft coated girl is playful and inquisitive.

Puppy #4 – Boy – CHOSEN

This pretty boy likes to be held and loves when his ‘Aunt Winnie’ plays with him.

Puppy #6 – Boy – RESERVED

This wavy coated boy likes to pounce on his brothers and sleep at the top of the puppy pile. This sweet boy has a small umbilical hernia that may close on its own as he grows, but also may require vet closure when he is neutered. This is an easy procedure and only adds about $50 to the cost of having him fixed (according to our vet). This is an uncomplicated hernia, which means it is a small amount of fat poking through where his umbilical cord site didn’t close correctly. Because of the possibility of an extra cost with having the hernia repaired we are reducing his price to $800. The hernia does not bother him at all and he doesn’t even know he isn’t absolutely perfect (he actually is perfectly adorable and perfectly sweet though!).

Puppy #8 – Boy

This gorgeous guy had to have his eyes tacked by the vet. “Spotty Dog” as we call him, has entropion – his lower eyelids roll inward and irritate his eyes. Some puppies will grow out of this but others do not and have to have surgical correction when they are 9 months old or older (full grown). When we know if the staples will work to correct the issue, if he has a growth spurt that takes care of the issue or if he will need further treatment I will update on when he will be available for choosing for a new family.

Puppy #1: Curly Girl – Leman Family

Puppy #2: Wavy Cream Girl (dark nose)- Lindeman Family

Puppy #3: Wavy Cream Girl (brown nose)- CHOSEN

Puppy #4: Carmel Boy – CHOSEN

Puppy #5: Chocolate Boy – Yenser Family

Puppy #6: Carmel Boy – RESERVED

Puppy #7: Chubby Carmel Boy – CHOSEN

Puppy #8: Polar Male – Not Yet Available (Feel free to ask about him though!)

Puppy #9: Curly Carmel Boy – CHOSEN