Juno’s Puppies


Juno had 10 beautiful healthy puppies on Saturday, September 23rd, 2017. The list of puppies and pictures are below. Puppies change so much their first few weeks of life and Doodles most definitely have a lot of changes through their first year with color and coat.

IMG_3215We want our puppies to have wonderful families that will continue to care for and love them as we will for their first 8 weeks. Each puppy was born in our home and will continue to be raised and loved within our home until they are ready to go to their forever family. Each puppy will have their dewclaws removed and the first round of puppy vaccinations. Puppies were ready for their new families on November 18th!


1. Curly Black Male  —   Kim

2. Curly Dark Cream Male —  Christine

3. Curly Light Cream Male   —   Sherri

4. Black Male (White Toes) —  Laura & Ryan

5. Black Male — Ashley

6. Light Cream Male — Angi

7. Red/Milk Chocolate Male —   Susan

8. Cream Male (Spot on Head) — Alex

9. Cream Female(Black Nose) — Cari

10. Cream Female (Pink Nose)  — Murphy Family



Below are a few of Juno’s puppies at 9-11 months old. #4, #7 #2 and #6. It is amazing how much these sweethearts change!

FullSizeRender (4)