2021 Puppies

Winnie & Cooper’s Litter- 2021.

We have been anxiously awaiting these puppies and we were not disappointed at all in the colors and absolute adorableness that these 9 puppers have! We had 5 females and 4 males, only two puppies got the full merle coat from Cooper, but the looks, colors & coats at only a few weeks old are fantastic in all of them. They have all been growing so fast, with the roly-poly chubbiness we love to see in our babies.

The puppies had dewclaws removed and a full vet check. They are wormed on a schedule recommended by our vet and will have their first set of shots before they go home to their forever families. We will send a record of this home with each puppy. They have started on canned puppy food and will be transitioned to dry food before going to their homes, we use Purina Puppy Chow for them. Our puppies are handled daily by adults and children, they are born and raised in our home and loved on daily. They socialize with our other dogs and also have been around cats.

We expect these puppies to be 50-60 lbs as adults. Mom (Winnie) is 60 lbs, cream with a wavey fleece coat, she is very low shed and her coat is very manageable with brushing, Winnie is registered with CKC. Dad, (Cooper) is around 55 lbs, blue Merle coloring, with a tight curly wool coat, he is as non-shedding as any dog can be. For more info on Winnie and Cooper please check out Winnie’s page of the website.

We are located in McGregor, Iowa. We are willing to meet within a 2 hour radius to help shorten travel times for new families.

I will update pictures and descriptions about weekly on this page. We do update our FaceBook page often and are able to post videos there as well. Please be aware that coat coloring may look different in some pictures of the same puppy because of different lighting, or the use of a flash. I try to get pictures that show the most accurate in coloring.

RESERVED – Female #1 Bagley

Marvel has a very unique and gorgeous merle coat. Right now she has black, tan and gray coloring in her fur. She will have a wool type coat which will have very little shedding, (some breeders would say non-shedding). She is a big girl weighing almost 5 lbs at 4 weeks. I would expect her to mature to be a tall girl weighing around 60 lbs. She likes to bark at her siblings and is super playful, but also loves a good cuddle and rewards you with smooches. She fits her name very well with her stunning color and awesome little personality!

RESERVED – Female #2 Bagley
Stormy is an absolutely adorable, very unique chocolate merle, with a soft wool coat. She is the smallest of the litter and I expect her to mature at about 50 lbs. She is very quiet but is starting to get spunkier, she is a total sweetheart (except for bath time). This girl is going to grow up to be an absolute head-turner!

RESERVEDFemale #3 – Kentucky
Wanda is a very petite little girl. She has a shorter face then her siblings which sets her apart with just the sweetest face and eyes. She has a peach tone to her cream coat, she looks like she will have the loose fleece coat like her mama. Wanda loves to play, but not too rough, she often grabs someone else’s tail when they are playing near her which then pulls her into the mix.

RESERVED Female #4 Clear Lake, WI
Agatha is a pink nosed cream that looks like she will also have a loose fleece coat like Winnie. She is a sweetheart that likes to sleep on her back a lot, I think she’s going to be a goofy puppy just like her momma.

RESERVED Female #5 Prairie du Chien
Sylvie is a pink nosed cream that looks like she will have a curly fleece coat or possibly a loose wool coat. She is a very sweet and quiet girl that loves to snuggle and nap.

RESERVED Male #6 Kansas City
Steve has a beautiful light cream coat, I am not positive if he will have a looser wool coat or a curly fleece, either way he is incredibly soft! He is probably the most reserved of the boys. He likes to watch the chaos at playtime before getting involved. He is not one to pass on eating and loves naps.

RESERVED Male #7 – Newton
Bucky is a medium dark cream coat that looks like it will be a curly wool as he grows. This guy loves to play! He isn’t a loud puppy, but watches what’s going on and then jumps into the mix at playtime.

CHOSEN -Male #8 – New Albin
Wade is light cream with darker fur at his ears, face & legs, it looks like he will have a soft wool coat. This sweet guy is big into snuggles and loves to be held, he can be spunky when playing with his siblings


Bruce is the biggest of the puppies, first born also. He has a caramel coat that looks like it will be a wool coat as an adult and he also has the cutest specked nose. He is very playful and loves to eat! He weighs in at over 5 lbs at 4 weeks. He is a very snuggly boy and loves to cuddle on your lap.


Below are miscellaneous pictures of the puppies over the previous weeks: